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Five Star Carry

Joel and Phil Godding grew up in central Minnesota and are avid shooters and hunters. Yes they are brothers. Joel works as a service representative for a local manufacturer

and is an active member in his community, school and church. Joel has worked as a

farm mechanic, automobile and heavy diesel mechanic as well as being a farmer. Joel brings excellent shooting and gun safety instruction to the classroom. Joel is also a certified DNR hunter safety instructor. Phil is a licensed psychologist who works as a college professor and has a limited forensic consultation practice. Phil has many years

of teaching experience and studies the topics of ethics and moral behavior as it relates

to conceal carry responsibilities. Phil is a certified DNR hunter safety instructor. Phil also likes to collect old firearms that can tell an interesting story. (In the Media) Instructors are certified by the Minnesota Carry Academy to provided a curriculum approved by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

About the Instructors

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