Five Star Carry

MN Permit to Carry Classes and DNR  Firearms Safety Training.

About Us

Classes typically require six hours of classroom instruction plus range time. A variety of topics, required by Minnesota Statute and our certification standards, are covered via lecture, video presentation, class discussion and hands on demonstrations. You are encouraged to

bring you personal carry firearm to class but

no ammunition is allowed in the classroom.

The range time has two objectives. First, it is

a way for class participants to demonstrate

safe handling of firearms. Second, we require 80% of shots taken be on target. Each shooting test requires 20 rounds be fired so 16 of the shots should be on target. There is no limit

on the number of attempts to reach the 80%

accuracy requirement. Special needs will be accommodated.  If you do not currently own

a firearm one can be provided if you let us

know when you register.

2017 Calendar


We offer classes on the last Saturday of every month. We will also gladly schedule groups of six or more at other times.

Class Format

Five Star Carry Academy is committed to providing the best small arms self-defense

carry instruction for both beginner and experienced shooters. Our training focuses

on small class sizes, hands-on experience

and thoughtful discussions of the practical, 

ethical and moral decision making when

carrying firearms.

Call for more information: +1.320.282.5011

Past participants have offered high praise for

the small class sizes and hands-on experiences

in the classroom and on the firing range. To a person our students have referred friends

and family members to our classes. Some

people consider taking our training in order

to familiarize themselves with firearm safety issues even though they have no intention

of applying for a Minnesota Carry Permit.